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The West Virginia Land Trust (WVLT) owns the Yellow Creek Natural Area (YCNA) in Tucker County. Major support from The Center for Active WV facilitated the development of new kiosks, welcoming folks on their next adventure! We partnered with Blackwater Bicycle Association on an information kiosk at the Camp 70 Trails, which lead to YCNA. We also partnered with property neighbors at the National Youth Science Center and the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources to create new kiosks also directing you towards YCNA.


Special thanks to Mike Blackburn from Natural By Design, Lauren Lamb from Skull House Group, and Rolling, Tank & Fabrication who collaborated with WVLT on the design of the kiosks.


More information:
WVLT purchased the Yellow Creek Natural Area in 2019 with the support of four major grant funders, several local businesses, and 228 individuals from 19 states. The 860-acre property is home of the infamous “Moon Rocks” and contains 4+ miles of trails to Moon Rocks, HooDoo Rocks, and Yellow Creek, also linking to 20+ miles of the Heart of the Highlands Trail System. This property is permanently protected and open for public recreation.

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