Bullock Distillery Partnership

Bullock’s secret ingredient: WATER!

Did you know that whiskey is about 50% water? So, (of course!) clean water makes great whiskey and we are excited to partner with The Bullock Distillery on a Clean Water Collection!

The Bullock Distillery draws its water from a Karst Cave located on their family farm at the base of Falling Spring Mountain in Greenbrier County, West Virginia!

Falling Spring Mountain is truly a geologic phenomena, acting as a buffer zone for the hydrologic gradient of the Karst water system of the Greenbrier Valley.

Unlike other distilleries, The Bullock Distillery does not need to use reverse osmosis or carbon filtration to treat the water.

Why? Because their limestone water lacks the heavy elements present in most water sources in our state.

The Bullock Distillery plans to release our collaborative Clean Water Collection of spirits this summer, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting WVLT. Check back for release dates!

Click here to learn more about our friends at The Bullock Distillery.

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