Our Protected Land

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Our Protected Land

For over 25 years, WVLT has been working to conserve West Virginia’s special places.

Since 1994, we have protected more than 20,000 acres of land, created outdoor recreation opportunities, safeguarded our drinking water supplies, protected scenic views, preserved historic sites and family farms, and much more.

We protect land through a variety of ways, including: purchasing land, accepting land donations, placing administering grants and loans to partner organizations, conservation easements on private land, providing technical assistance to landowners interested in managing their property more sustainably, educating and informing the public about land protection tools, supporting the development of laws and regulations that promote and benefit land and water conservation, and convening and facilitating partnerships that build the capacity of communities throughout West Virginia to protect our state’s land and water resources.

Protected Special Places Include

WVLT_Map of Projects 5 24 2022

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