Other ways to get involved

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Talk Conservation
Tell a friend, neighbor, or local official about the importance of protecting land in your community. We are happy to give presentations to schools, community groups, government agencies, and others interested in protecting West Virginia’s special places.

Know Your Watershed
Learn about threats to water quality from specific land uses in your community. Are there areas that need protection?

Stay Informed
Sign up for our newsletter and stay up-to-date about the importance of land conservation in West Virginia!

Protect Your Special Place
The West Virginia Land Trust has established itself as a trustworthy organization whose mission to protect West Virginia’s special places forever, resonates in everything we do! Together, we can develop a plan that protects YOUR property, maintains YOUR wishes and fulfills YOUR needs. Several West Virginians have made the decision to preserve their beloved property for future generations, will YOU? Click here for more information about protecting your land.

Donate Today
Your monetary donations help us protect West Virginia’s special places. The Land Trust has proven to be a trusted organization with the ability to get results and success. With your help so much more can be done! (All gifts are tax deductible!)

Donate Today!


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