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Our Work

Since 1995, we have permanently protected or facilitated the protection of more than 7,000 acres of land statewide.

This includes family farms and forests, a private community nature preserve, improved public access to rail trails, and six public nature preserves – one of which boasts six miles of river frontage in the Gauley River Canyon!

We work to preserve our rapidly vanishing countryside, wetlands, farms and forests. Unlike some organizations that specialize in specific conservation values, our mission is to conserve special places that give our state its distinctive character. That means that we may consider scenic, wildlife, botanical, recreational, agricultural, or historic conservation values when evaluating a project. The Land Trust works with property owners to determine the best conservation approach for each property.

We protect land through a variety of ways, including: 1) placing permanent conservation easements on properties; 2) purchasing land through real estate acquisitions; 3) accepting land donations; 4) administering grants and loans to partner organizations; 5) providing technical assistance to landowners interested in managing their property more sustainably; 5) educating and informing the public about land protection tools; 6) supporting the development of laws and regulations that promote and benefit land and water conservation; and 7) convening and facilitating partnerships that build the capacity of communities throughout West Virginia to protect our state’s land and water resources.

Protected Special Places Include

Doddridge County

  • 190-acre public nature preserve which includes 15 acres of ancient forest (Marie Hall Jones Ancient Forest Preserve)

Fayette / Nicholas County

  • 655-acre public nature preserve secured for future recreation (Gauley River Canyon)

Grant County

  • 14-acre scenic view / woodland area / ecological land

Greenbrier County

  • 5-acre area that will provide parking & public access to the Greenbrier River Trail, in partnership with the Greenbrier River Trail Association
  • 26-acre ecological woodland
  • 111-acre wildlife refuge

Hardy County

  • 66-acre public nature preserve for recreation & educational purposes (Poppy Bean Farm)

Harrison County

  • 179-acre historic family farm outside of Clarksburg

Jackson County

  • 160-acre historic farm property
  • 15-acre agricultural farm

Kanawha County

  • 52-acre public nature preserve for recreational & educational purposes (Wallace Hartman Nature Preserve)
  • 55-acre natural area preserved for habitat, scenic view, and open space

Mason County

  • 30-acre Island in the Ohio River (Gallipolis Island)

Monongalia County

  • 100-acre private community lakefront nature preserve
  • 84-acre public nature preserve for recreational & educational purposes (Elizabeth’s Woods)
  • 174-acre public nature preserve for recreation (Elizabeth’s Woods expansion)

Monroe County

  • 53-acre agricultural farm, in partnership with Monroe County Farmland Protection Board
  • 202-acre agricultural farm/ecological woodland, in partnership with Indian Creek Conservancy
  • 436-acre agricultural farm
  • 185-acre scenic view, open space

Ohio County

  • 10-acre island in the Ohio River (Upper Twin Island)

Pocahontas County

  • 14-acre historic site for educational use (Camp Bartow)
  • 384-acre historic agricultural farm
  • 528-acre family forestland

Pocahontas / Randolph Counties

  • 110-acre organic working farm

Summers County

  • 175-acre scenic view / open space
  • 372-acre scenic view / open space

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