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Ashton Berdine

Ashton Berdine is our Lands Program Manager and he oversees all land protection efforts with the West Virginia Land Trust.

Ashton grew up in West Virginia and owes his love for nature to the many people who nurtured his interest with their own enthusiasm and support. The passion West Virginians show for their own special places and rural culture have also been an inspiration for the conservation work he seeks to fulfill.

Ashton earned a degree in Botany from North Carolina State University and began his career as an inventory botanist, documenting rare plants and natural areas throughout the state of Maryland. He later became a vegetation ecologist for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, contributing to the National Vegetation Classification. After 13 years protecting critical wildlife habitat through land conservation and restoration with The Nature Conservancy in West Virginia, Ashton joined the West Virginia Land Trust as the Lands Program Manager. Today, his work focuses on working with landowners and communities around the state to achieve the conservation of special places.

When he isn’t being a steward for conservation, Ashton enjoys kayaking, surf fishing, new trails, and the pursuit of wild turkeys. He especially loves the company of birds and the study of botany.

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