Conservation Policy

Conservation Policy

Working in partnership with West Virginia’s other conservation organizations, the West Virginia Land Trust is spearheading an effort to pass legislation that provides tax credits to landowners who donate conservation easements or land in fee.

Senate Bill 554 was introduced during the 2016 legislative session and referred to the Senate Finance Committee. The proposed bill sets up the framework for a tax credit program but does not seek immediate funding; therefore there is no fiscal impact on the state’s budget. We will work with legislators in the future to secure funding to make the program operational. To read the bill, click here.

Senate Bill 554 addresses the large demand for conservation lands and provides a significant incentive to promote economic diversification and community development. To understand more about why Senate Bill 554 should be passed, read impact statement below.

The Case for SB 554-1

The Case for SB 554-2


The Case for SB 554-4

Senate Bill 554

SB 554-1

SB 554-2

SB 554-3

SB 554-4

SB 554-5

SB 554-6

SB 554-7

SB 554-8

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